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Note on the works

Staccioli's sculptures tell stories of daily patience but also of that playful and light part that only children really know how to live. The artist transfers into his figures that dreamlike and carefree aspect that life requires to maintain and know how to cultivate.

Information about the artist

Born in Scandicci in 1943, Paolo Staccioli approaches the art world at the beginning of the seventies, when he begins to exhibit his painting in the Florentine environment. But his artistic vocation seems to become clear about twenty years later when the artist begins a real training course in Faenza, acquiring over the years and tenacity the technical skills that will lead him to the language most suited to his creativity: sculpture. in ceramic. The apprenticeship quickly alternated with the first successes: after a first series of appearances in solo and group exhibitions, mainly in the Florentine context, Paolo Staccioli suddenly won the favor of critics and the public of collectors for his graphic ability and executive freshness. His mastery in transforming the earth into shape, as well as the ability to cover it with luminous vibrations and reflections of 'luster' color, interrupted only by the graphic imprint of the design, soon leads Paolo Staccioli to his highest creative season, uninterrupted, from the nineties to the present day.
In ceramics Paolo Staccioli finds fertile ground to freely express that creative vein that today makes him one of the authors of a more original and interesting formal repertoire than contemporary ceramics.
From the first vases, where the first procession of horses appears for the first time (a theme to which the artist will always remain linked), conducted with the moods of a dreamy and fairytale fantasy, Staccioli moves to the experimentation of new forms, modeled with lightness and irony: the first harlequins, warriors, travelers, dolls appear, detaching themselves from the two-dimensional surface of the vase to become sculpture.

The imagination is now fully liberated, ready to find vent in the thousand inventions and sculptural combinations that see the light in the Scandicci studio-atelier. His nature and his talent lead him to attempt a particular synthesis between what he has always recognized as his cultural heritage (the world of the Etruscans, with the formal elegance and the expressive freshness of pre-classical languages) and the observation of the world modern, creating an iconographic repertoire that goes beyond the limits of time, to deliver itself to contemporaneity as an expression of playfulness and disenchantment, perennially confident in the variety and multiplicity of linguistic declinations. Supported by a continuous inventive fluctuation, Staccioli watches with amusement the characters dear to his imagination emigrate from the pedestal of the sculpture, to reappear aboard Argonautic boats and carts, or astride a rocking chair, suspended in metaphysical balance.

Sculptures that, over the years, acquire ever more powerful plastic masses, gaining a majesty that does not lose immediacy, regenerated as they are by ever-renewed baths of color, reflecting the development of forms.

Over the years, Staccioli, following his well-established sculptural vocation, devoted himself to exploring the formal properties of bronze, a material that, like ceramic, finds perfect correspondence with the formal, synthetic and stylistic structure of his creations.
The Scandicci studio, where we still find Paolo Staccioli at work, is thus a forge in constant ferment, an open construction site where it is possible to renew the amazement in front of the clay sketches, the polychrome stems, the sculptures that aspire to the tribune privileged of the exhibitions and collections, which increasingly dot the artistic and professional career of Paolo Staccioli.



  • "Paolo Staccioli", Harmonic pre-sentiments, Antonella Scarfone Art Gallery, Pisa, 2021
  • "Paolo Staccioli", Exercises of war and games for children, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, 2021
  • Installation of the sculpture "Horse with Angel", Vittorio Veneto square, Lajatico (PI), 2020
  • Collective "Summer show 2020", N20 Gallery, London, 2020
  • "Ceramics and bronzes by Paolo Staccioli", Anna Sartori - Art & Object design, Mantua, 2020
  • "Danilo Fusi - Paolo Staccioli Indistinct boundaries", Florence Art Gallery, Florence, 2019
  • "Unchained - Open air exhibition / Seo Young Deok and Paolo Staccioli", streets of the historic center of Capri, curated by the Liquid Art System Gallery, 2019
  • “Paolo Staccioli. Warriors, horses and centaurs ", Magazzini del Sale, Palazzo Pubblico, Piazza il Campo, Siena, 2019
  • Collective “Seduction, beauty, contemporaneity. The craft of the Arts ", National Museum of Ravenna, 2018
  • "Transparencies, Maranghi / Staccioli", Kunstgalerie Bech, Schorndorf, Stuttgart. In collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Stuttgart, 2018
  • "Paola and Paolo Staccioli, Passages", Auditorium of the Municipality Piazzale della Resistenza, Scandicci, 2017
  • "... Copper, earth, fire" by Paolo Staccioli, Hypogeum I Giardini di S. Agostino, Matera, 2017
  • “Paolo Staccioli. Dream journey ", Giuliano Ghelli Museum, San Casciano in Val di Pesa (Florence) 2017
  • "Staccioli / Bavia / Caplin", N20 Gallery, London, 2017
  • “Paolo Staccioli. A motionless journey. Meetings expected stops ", Lupo 'Art Gallery, Palermo, 2017
  • “Paolo Staccioli. Memories. Ceramics and bronzes ", Athena Art Gallery, Livorno, 2017
  • “Paolo Staccioli. Dialogues ", Arianna Sartori Art & Object Design, Mantua, 2017
  • “Giovanni Maranghi and Paolo Staccioli. Meeting / Begegnung ", Engel & Voelkers and Friends, Feurbach, Stuttgart, 2016
  • “Paolo Staccioli. Time travelers " streets of the historic center of Capri, curated by the Liquid Art System Gallery, 2016
  • "Luminosity. Ceramics by Paolo Staccioli ", Hammond Museum, North Salem, New York, 2016
  • “Sowing art. Paolo Staccioli ", Boutique Hotel zum Rosenbaum, Nals, Süd Tirol, 2016
  • “The motionless traveler. Paolo Staccioli ", Ciemmeci Spazio Arte, Empoli, December 2014 - March 2015
  • "Paolo Staccioli", Pio Fedi Gallery, Florence, 2014
  • “Paolo Staccioli. Recent sculptures: ceramics - bronzes ", Arianna Sartori Gallery, Mantua, 2014
  • Danilo Fusi,"Paolo Staccioli, The moon, the sun and the soul of things", Museum of Contemporary Art Lu.CCA, 2014
  • Collective "Overlooking Garden", Villa La Versiliana, Marina di Pietrasanta (LU), 28 June - 31 August 2014
  • Paolo Staccioli & Renzo Galardini "Toskanische Fingerabdrücke - Tuscan footprints", Galerie Lacke & Farben, Berlin, 2014
  • Collective “Artist's jewels. The tradition of modernity ", Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, Florence, 2014
  • Paolo Staccioli "The Surface of Equilibrium", Gardens of Villa Salviati, Florence 2014
  • Paolo Staccioli "Poetic restlessness", Artespresso Gallery, Milan 2014
  • "The ceramics of Paolo and Paola Staccioli", Officina Profumo - Pharmaceuticals of Santa Maria Novella, Florence 2014
  • “Paolo Staccioli. The courtesies, the daring enterprises I sing ", Loggia della Limonaia, Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Florence 2014
  • “Paolo Staccioli. The primacy of history ", Terme il Tettuccio di Montecatini (PT) 2013
  • Ex Mulino Antonibon, Nove (VI) personal exhibition on the occasion of the Ceramics Festival, 2013
  • Installing a Warrior in bronze in a square of Pontassieve (FI) 2013
  • Guest of honor a “Imagine. Art at the Fair ", Reggio Emilia, 2012
  • Guest of honor a "Contemporary Modern and Contemporary Art", Forlì Fair 2012
  • “The warrior and the butterfly. Paolo and Paola Staccioli ", Former convent of Santa Chiara, Nobile Contrada del Nicchio, Siena 2012
  • Pietrasanta, Piazza del Duomo (bell tower side) and Galleria Paoli, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012
  • “Danilo Fusi / Paolo Staccioli. Wandering in the myth ", Palazzo Comunale, Pontassieve, 2011
  • "Works / Sculptures", Museo Horne, Florence 2011
  • "Paolo Staccioli", Space 522, Chelsea, New York, 2010
  • Installation "Warriors / Warriors", LongHouse Reserve, East Hampton, NY, 2007/2010
  • Selective Art Gallery, Paris 2009
  • Institute of Italian Culture, Washington 2009
  • “Paolo Staccioli. The metaphorization of the arcane ", Castello dell'Acciaiolo, Scandicci, 2008
  • Institute of Italian Culture, New York 2008
  • FuLe International Ceramic Art Museum, Fuping, China 2008
  • "The Signs of the Earth", Archaeological Museum of Fiesole 2007
  • Collective "Sculptures to wear", Il Fortino, Municipality of Forte dei Marmi, 2007
  • Collective "Concrete. Ceramic sculptures. Stropparo / Carlè / Tasca / Leverone / Staccioli / Lorenzini ", Palazzo Pretorio, Certaldo, 2007
  • Personal exhibition, Galleri Albin Upp, Oslo, 2007
  • "The joyful ceramics of Paolo Staccioli", Porcelain Museum, Palazzo Pitti, Florence 2005-2006
  • “Giampaolo Talani / Paolo Staccioli. Tacita ", Enrico Paoli Art Gallery, Prato, 2005
  • "Paolo Staccioli", Church of S. Maria della Spina, Pisa, 2004
  • "Anima Mundi", Galleria Gagliardi, San Gimignano (Siena), 2004
  • Magical Ceramics. Paolo Staccioli ", Broadway, Worcestershire (UK), 2001
  • "Paolo Staccioli", Man Arte Gallery, Paris, 2001
  • “Paolo Staccioli. Ceramics ", Palazzo dei Priori, Volterra, 1998
  • "Paolo Staccioli", Ken's Art Gallery, Florence, 1998

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